Soft Phones

As the migration to VoIP continues and a greater percentage of the workforce become road warriors, the ability to accurately locate an employee in the event of an emergency is both a liability and a social responsibility issue for the enterprise. SoftLoc® affords the enterprise the ability to have a system in place that automatically reminds soft phone users to provision their location every time they launch the soft phone application. SoftLoc® does this in an easy-to-use manner, making the application beneficial for both user and enterprise.

SoftLoc® runs as a Windows system-tray application and quietly waits for the user to launch a configured soft phone application. Upon launch, SoftLoc® will appear above all other applications and remind the user to set an emergency location. Frequently-used locations can be saved to the remote emergency server and quickly set with just a few mouse clicks. Other locations can be saved locally for quick server updates. If the user chooses not to set an emergency location, the soft phone application will be forcibly closed.

SoftLoc® is designed to have an easy-to-use and unobtrusive user interface, and contains no user-configurable options. All configuration is stored on a central server and retrieved at application start. 

SoftLoc® is currently being utilized by large, Fortune 500 corporations as well as smaller organizations nationwide. 

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