Small & Medium Business

911 ETC introduced RedConnect® to affordably satisfy the safety needs of the smaller end-user population. Utilizing traditional or Next Generation Telco emergency routing, RedConnect® introduces a cost-effective means to deliver the location of the emergency event to your local authorities.

When a traditional PBX or a VoIP platform is used RedConnect® functions as a network service utilizing PS-ALI or IP Cloud Positioning, often eliminating the need for local Telco set-up, saving the expense and time of setting up local PS-ALI contracts. As a fully managed provider, 911 ETC has small business customers across the country who utilized our expertise in managing the initial project and now have ongoing monthly E911 service — all available at a price point that allows them to feasibly provide E911 protection.

RedConnect® brings together a comprehensive E911 solution which includes:

  • Project management
  • PS/ALI E-911 Telco interface
  • Voice Positioning Server set-up
  • Remote user/address implementation
  • Nomadic user management
  • Redundant data storage
  • Full number range implementation
  • MSAG Validation
  • Error flagging/correction
  • Testing
  • Data integrity

For more information on how 911 ETC can assist your small or medium sized business, please contact us.