For the enterprise, ensuring that 911 calls and location information is accurately delivered to emergency responders can be challenging — especially when multiple floors, multiple sites, or remote workers are involved. 911 ETC has offered a comprehensive, hosted E911 solution since 1997 and today provides service to hundreds of enterprise customers including; Apple, Booz Allen Hamilton, Hyatt Hotels, Social Security Administration, the Department of Interior, and many other Fortune 500 Companies.

911 ETC provides E911 for multi-line telephone systems (MLTS), Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Hybrid Technologies with its unique approach to a total solution, Crisis Connect®. As a fully hosted (Software as a Service) offering, automation of the E911 data is the key to keeping it accurate and current. Our questions have always been “Why duplicate the data at the end-user site?” “Why increase the points of failure just to manage the E911 database?”

Data Management

  • Identify the appropriate solution to minimize impact to the organization
  • Create the database to NENA standards
  • Perform onsite station/location audit (per request)
  • Transmit data to the E-911 regional data repositories and/or adjunct equipment
  • Maintain and update the database
  • Remote user/address implementation
  • Nomadic user management
  • Provide detailed/customized reports
  • Provide on-going consultation and support

Infrastructure Implementation

  • Consult, recommend, and provide all switch adjunct/network interface equipment
    • Emergency-Onsite-Notification
    • IP Discovery Appliance
  • Recommend and implement Gateway Services as appropriate (ILEC)
  • Provide and implement Gateway Services as appropriate (CLEC)
  • Recommend, coordinate, & order proper E-911 network connections (SIP/ISDN PRI)
  • Voice Positioning Server set-up
  • Coordination of number ranges
  • Testing of implementation
  • Coordination and provision for VoIP
  • Provision for soft phones (when required)

Data Interface Options

  • 911 ETC provides a custom interface software loader (AUTO-MAC™) to accept data from customer’s existing change management system
  • ETC maintains all stations, both DID and non-DID
  • Incremental or full switch data change downloads
  • IP Cloud Dashboard
  • SoftLoc for nomadic users

Security and Confidentiality

  • Data is maintained in strict confidence
  • Database is not accessible from external network
  • Data is backed up daily, with off-site copies maintained
  • 911 ETC maintains full liability insurance

For more information on how 911 ETC can assist the enterprise, please contact us.