E911 for VoIP

E911 in a VoIP environment poses the same challenges as with Multi-line Telephone systems (MLTS), or PBXs, with additional factors that must be taken into consideration. The configuration of the enterprise network will determine the design and implementation of the E911 solution. Are you completely VoIP all the way to the desktop, or is it a hybrid environment that utilizes both VoIP and TDM type telephones?

  1. How is discovery and management of the Hard/soft phone and its location within the enterprise mapped and reported within the system?
  2. Is the technology and configuration based on subnet, (ELIN/ERL), or desktop, or both?
  3. How will the PS/ALI database upload to regional E911 data services centers be accomplished? Will it be based on subnet, or desktop, or a combination of both?
  4. What type of trunking is being utilized to facilitate a 911 call?
  5. Will the VoIP system provide for proper call routing of the 911 call, with callback capability to the desktop?
  6. Can the VoIP system generate Emergency Onsite notification and will it be based on the subnet, desktop, or both?
  7. Are remote sites connected to a main hub via the enterprise private network?
  8. Softphone users, are they stationary or mobile/nomadic?

Some of these capabilities inherently reside within some brands of PBX/VoIP platforms, others are lacking. Where one creates subnets for cluster of telephone instruments another will detect location identity to the desktop. Due to the complexity of VoIP, there are many variables to consider in choosing the best solution for E911. 911 ETC is the industry expert in determining the best solution specific to each organization, implementing the plan, and then continuing to manage the E911 database.


VoIPConnect® routes 911 calls to the correct public safety answering point (PSAP). The solution provides an organization with an efficient and cost-effective way to manage its E-911 database, whether VoIP or Hybrid PBX/VoIP. The service can track the location of IP phones both inside and outside of the organization. When a 911 call is placed, VoIPConnect routes the call with the location of the caller to the public safety answering point. Rather than utilizing a trunk, the solution uses an organization’s wide area network to deliver 911 calls. The service works with any type of phone that is included on the enterprise IP network including digital, analog, IP hardphones, softphones, and SIP phones. Billing is monthly and is based on the number of phones utilizing the service.

VoIPConnnect is certified with Avaya and Cisco and validated for Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business). VoIPConnect integrates with nearly any platform in existence. 

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