E-911 for Education

“Now our school offices receive a pop-up on their computer screens when a 911 call is placed from anywhere in the building. It gives the information of the exact location and extension that the call was placed from. It is easy to send 911 ETC updates, changes, or additions we have made to our own phone system. They in turn update the information and promptly send it off to the PSAP so our local emergency responders are better able to respond to an emergency in our buildings.” Jennifer Kendrick, Monroe Public Schools

Without a complete E911 solution in place, responders cannot know the exact location of an ongoing emergency taking place on a school campus. This safety glitch has hundreds of K-12 schools, colleges and universities across the nation taking measures to fully implement for E911 with ongoing monthly maintenance service included. 911 ETC can assess your school’s needs, implement a solution and maintain the service for you.

With hundreds of customers across the nation, 911 ETC currently assists small private schools, large K-12 districts, community colleges and multi-site universities with the challenge of E911. The company has been providing a hosted, cost-effective solution since 1997 and is able to automatically integrate with nearly any platform in existence.

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