Larry Scott, President

As founder of 911 ETC, Scott has over 40 years experience in various phases of the telecommunications industry. In the early 1990’s he recognized the glitch in the nation’s 911 system any time a multi-line telephone system (MLTS) was employed and determined to provide a solution to government, small businesses and the enterprise. His expertise and diligence in providing a fully managed and hosted E911 service for MLTS and VoIP with superior customer service has positioned the company as a respected leader in the industry today. In 2010 Scott was recognized by the 9IA, National E911 Institute and Congress for his positive impact upon the nation’s 911 system as a result of the solutions provided by 911 ETC. Scott remains involved with his church and community and serves in numerous volunteer leadership positions.

Karina Yandell, Chief Operating Officer

Yandell is responsible for overseeing company growth and maximizing operating performance across all departments. She joined the company in 2007 and has held various roles, including Director of Marketing and VP of Operations & Marketing. Prior to 911 ETC, Yandell was the Creative Director for a large non-profit, where she led four departments and helped drive growth that exceeded 700% over a four year period. Yandell is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a BA in English and a certified Emergency Number Professional.

Glen O'Keefe, Vice President IT/Product Development

With more than two decades of operational and management experience, O'Keefe is responsible for company-wide direction and leadership for all aspects of Information Technology and Product Development. O'Keefe is a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Master of Public Administration (MPA). He holds a BS in Information Technology from DeVry University and a BS in Operations Management from National University in San Diego, CA. 

Bill Svien, Vice President Corporate Strategy

Svien is responsible for overseeing company market/technology strategy and sales at 911 ETC and for driving company growth. Prior to joining the company in 2000, he co-founded The Millennium Group (an early stage CLEC) where he served as EVP of Sales and Marketing, growing the business from a start-up mode to more than nine million in sales revenue in a 30-month period. He has sat on numerous industry panel discussions, including IAUG, IoT-Cyber Security Symposium, ACUTA and COMPTEL. Svien is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with an Undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a certified Emergency Number Professional (ENP).

Mike Kellogg, Vice President Finance

As a CMA (Certified Management Accountant), Kellogg oversees all the finance and administration for the company.  He has several years of experience in the manufacturing, distribution and service industries.  Kellogg has worked for two INC 500 companies and was most recently the CFO for a mortgage banking company in Washington State.

Tina O’Keefe, Director of Operations

As Director of Operations O’Keefe is tasked with leading 911 Emergency Telecom’s growing team of VoIP and TDM data processors, implementation specialists and customer service representatives. With several years of management experience within the finance industry, O’Keefe was most recently Director of a private school in Washington state where she led both the administrative and teaching staffs and supervised daily operations.

Mike Anderson, National Sales Director

Anderson has been with 911 ETC since 2001 and has played a key role in leading the sales efforts for the company. Before 911 ETC, Anderson was a Sales Associate at SBC and worked with business customers selling circuits and equipment. Anderson is a graduate of Washington State University with a BS in Political Science.