Founded in 1997, 911 ETC has been providing clients with a fully managed and hosted E911 solution since its inception. In early 1998, 911 ETC began beta testing its system with its first customer, the 8,000 telephone Swedish Hospital in Seattle. Swedish is still a customer and recently ordered an additional system for a hospital they acquired. Today 911 ETC has thousands of customer sites across all 50 states and Canada. The company’s trademarked offerings now include RedConnect™ for small businesses, CrisisConnect™ for enterprise, VoIPConnect™ for IP, and SoftLoc™ for soft phone provisioning.

In 2010 911 ETC’s founder Larry Scott was recognized by Congress, the 911 Industry Alliance and the national E911 Institute for the company’s impact upon improving our nation’s emergency 911 system. 911 ETC continues to operate under its founding mission of ensuring that E911 protection is provided within the workplace, schools, and anywhere that a multi-line telephone system causes a glitch in the accurate delivery of location information during an outgoing 911 call.