About Us

911 ETC exists to provide you with the E911 services needed to protect your most important asset: your people. 911 ETC’s Crisis Connect™ solution embraces emerging technologies to provide a total, single-point E911 solution for enhanced 911 for both TDM and VoIP. While other providers are able to provide only a small piece of the E911 puzzle, 911 ETC provides all of the pieces and then puts the puzzle together for you.

Our E911 solutions are never in a “box”. We are constantly making improvements to our E911 products based on individual customer requests. Each one of these improvements and upgrades require no action on the part of our customers because the solution is hosted by us. We welcome and encourage suggestions from our customers to improve upon our E911 service and our product. We recognize also that our customer’s business is always changing and that its needs might change. Our E911 service is available to adapt to the customer’s needs when change affects E911.

Whether you are concerned with addressing E911 mandates regarding VoIP, seeking out an E911 solution for your existing multi-line telephone system (MLTS), or realizing that you need a hybrid solution to address both TDM and VoIP, 911 ETC is ready to handle the entire project for you. Our fully automated SaaS (Software as a Service) solution enables us to interface with virtually any administration platform in existence, providing you with a cost-effective and simple-to-implement solution. Our expertise in the industry and strategic VoIP partnerships allow us to quickly recommend the best solution, implement that plan, and then continue to maintain the E911 database for you regardless of system updates or advancing technology. Additionally, 911 ETC can address other needs you may have regarding E911, such as onsite notification or call monitoring capabilities.

Founded in 1997 solely to help businesses address E911 requirements, 911 ETC is now the industry leader in the world of enhanced 911 services. Our customers span all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico and range from the government and Fortune 100 corporations down to the smallest of office suites. To join these leading organizations in allowing 911 ETC to meet and manage all of your E911 needs, contact us today.